Thursday, June 21, 2012

Luv Your Luggage

Baggalini Quilted Rolling Tote
Say HELLO to my lovely new piece of luggage!  
I've had my eye on this adorable bag by Baggalini for quite a while, and the moment 
I got notice that it went on sale at The Container Store I ran in there and bought it.  

It was absolutely perfect for my quick trip last weekend to Vegas for a friend's birthday.
I love how it has such large pockets that fit everything including my clothes, a laptop, my toiletry bag and a few pairs of shoes.  It also unzips in the middle to lay flat which is great for packing it up.
The best part about it is that it can fit everything I need and it fits under the seat on the plane.  Seriously!!
Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube

This organized packer always uses these amazing cubes from Eagle Creek to keep my clothes from getting wrinkled.  It also makes packing and unpacking a breeze.  
I was able to fit two (double-sided) cubes in my bag.

I swear that I was skipping through the Vegas airport- I'm sure the other travelers were sure that I had just hit the jackpot, but no one could have guessed that I was just giddy about my luggage.  
Wow, I AM a nerd!


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