Thursday, September 15, 2011

End of an Era

Tomorrow is a big day for me... 
It's my last day working for The Container Store.  

After over five years of running around in my cute blue apron and helping 
hundreds of customers get organized, it is time for me to move on.  
I am taking a big leap, one that I have been extremely fearful of in the past;
but with a little bit of planning and a lot of support from family and friends, 
I am just going to take this chance.

That means that I will have even more time to help my clients organize their homes!  
Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to this point.  
I am forever grateful to you.  

Oh, and if you want to learn more about the Container Store and what they are all about, 
check out their cool blog here.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Extreme Tidying

This made me giddy!

A Swiss man by the name of Ursus Wehrli is "totally deranged tidy."  
He has taken normal items, such as a tree branch and a bowl of fruit and lined their contents up in extreme categories.  He even alphabetized a bowl of Alphabet Soup!
Check out what he did with a group of people sunbathing in a park:

Here they are lined up by gender and age and their belongings are sorted too!

So cool!!
Check out the rest of his projects here.  
There is also a silly video of him "tidying" at the park project above. 

I have to be honest, his nutty hobby make a girl who also loves to line things up 
not feel so alone.  :-)


Friday, September 9, 2011

Lights Out

Yesterday, the power went out in our entire city.  After we scrambled to grab our candles and flashlights, we sat outside to enjoy the last few hours of sunlight.  It was truly amazing to see all of our neighbors out on the streets talking to each other and socializing.  We didn't have the "comforts" of our phones, televisions, or computers but we did have each other.  Our whole community came together last night and it was so wonderful to experience.  

As for us, we spent the evening playing UNO by candlelight and giggled.  I vowed to have "blackout night" regularly so we could ditch our technology and have some fun!  I also put candles on the shopping list.  :-)  

Here's to a lovely weekend... and some hours un-plugged.  

(photo credit: Chevamashimoro)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to School

It's that time again... school is back in session.  
I love seeing the kids with their adorable backpacks running up to their friends and hugging them as if it has been years since they have seen each other.  They always look so excited.

But it's very clear that the parents have a look of worry and exhaustion on their faces.  
Getting those kids ready and out the door in the morning can be pretty chaotic! 

My sweet cousin is getting ready to take her little one to her first day of Pre School, and after meeting with the teachers to get some instructions the stress has already set in!  There is so much to do to get these little ones ready.  

One thing on her To-Do list is to label everything she brings to class. So, after some research she found these wonderful labels that can be attached to almost anything: clothes, water bottles, crayons, etc.  

Some can be ironed on but most can be applied just like a sticker. 

Check them out at Applied Labels and get at least one thing crossed off your list. 


Monday, September 5, 2011


The drawer in my bedside table was a complete disaster!
But I decided that today was the day to deal with it.  And look at what I found in there:

A broken earring holder, an old cell phone (with my original 917 New York area code), 
two chargers, a blue tooth, a booklet from a cool deli in DC, the receipt for my watch,
two boxes from my grandmother with jewelry she gave me, plastic clips to keep duvets in place, 
my Anthropologie card (favorite store EVER), and a few chapsticks and lip balm. 

Do I need an intervention???

Well, this is what I decided to keep in there... and I am feeling pretty proud of myself.  
I know it's probably good Feng Shui and maybe I will even sleep better.  

So, be honest, what is in your bedside table??  


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Files: Complete!

My new filing system is complete... and I just want to stare at it all the time!  

I used these hanging files from Pendaflex (above).  
The "extra capacity" files come with box bottoms to create more space for stuffed files. 

And then came the labels!  I was a bit daunted by the task of figuring out what categories I needed, but it really wasn't that bad.  I downloaded the template off of the Pendaflex website and sat down in front of my new file drawer with my laptop.  

And here they are!  This row is for my personal files and I know that over time the categories may change.  But for now, I am very pleased!  And my desktop is clear again... aahhhhh.

Perfect timing before a lovely holiday weekend.  
Enjoy yourselves!!